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❤Movellas Ambassador 2017❤
I am extremely awesome, and I LOVE Bacon, drawing, reading, Miss peregrines home for peculiar children (MPHFPC), Thomas Sanders- Sanders sides, elephants and Bacon; wait . . . did I already say that? Oh never mind, loL : )
(Profile picture drawn by 'Badassjem')

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    mumbled "Q&A book - from a new ambassador : )"

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    Hi all, I have created a new Q&A book and its been up for about 24 hours. Its for all who want to get to know me a bit better. All questions are welcome, I'm an Open book. Ask me everything and anything . . . . . . . well within reason, loL
    Q&AHi all, welcome to my Q&A, I am an open book, ask me anything, anything at all . . . . . . . well, within reason, loL : )
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    Hey Skye,
    I am here to recommend a Story for Hidden Gems, for it only has three comments including one of my own, and or Editor Choice. The title of this story is “Somewhere and it is written by Mystique Iris. It is only a chapter long but it is extremely powerful, takes you on an emotional journey and by the end of it you are left begging for more. The link is down below : )
    Sincerely Jewell
    I didn’t know if I recommended it via email or like this, sorry for the inconvenience))
    SomewhereLife will take you Somewhere.
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