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Call me Grav.
I'm a Slytherin.

  • Gravity_888

    Fantasy Adventure

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    You are one of the selected. You have been selected to escort Princess Aviana, Princess of the High Kingdoms to a safe spot hidden in the Low Lands. The High Kingdoms have been under attack for years from the Kingdom of Charmea in the West, but never until now were they violent.

    Character Form:
    Titles: (Ex. Prince, Princess, etc.)

    Here is an example of the character forms:
    (I will play Princess Aviana)
    Name: Princess Avaina of the High Kingdoms
    Appearance: Pastel Pink hair pulled in to a crown braid, pale green eyes, fair skin, about 4' 10", and very skinny. Usually wears larger ball gowns, but on the journey she will wear black fabric pants, a corset top, and black boots.
    Age: 18
    Species: Half fae (Why her hair is pink) and half Human
    Title: Princess
    Weapons: Her brain, doesn't know much in the form of combat.
    Personality: Charming, kind, intelligent, easily frustrated or irritated.
    Other: None for now.

    Anyone is welcome to join!
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    *hears footsteps coming into the tunnel and wonders if it`s the ninjas she hugs the wall and prepares her staff*
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    *She literally hugs the wall*
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    name: wind
    appearance: picture below
    species: fagon (fox/dragon)
    titles: 1st champion of the gods
    weapons:two swords, claws, horns, fire breath, scales
    personality: untrusting, cautious, careful, quiet
    other: his goal is to serve the gods in any way they need
  • Gravity_888
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    Height/ Weight: 4'10" and thin
    Eyes: Pale green, Hair color: A dark grey almost black, Skin tone: Pale, Lip color: Dark red
    Clothing: Black corset style top with dark pants (skinny jean style but not jeans XD )
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Quiet, sarcastic, and intelligent.
    Hairstyle: Up in a high ponytail, long.
    Genre: Fantasy/ adventure
    Name: Achlys
    It would be great if @[Madouc] could draw her. Thanks!
    Character Store
    Character Store
    Ok, I had the idea to do like a Cover Store but for characters. So basically you give us a description of your character, and we’ll draw it as best as we can! Please see our fantastic collection of Artists...
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    3 лет назад
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    Oh wow sorry I completely missed this XD ! Thanks so much, she's just like I imagined! <3
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    No worries, thought you might've. It's so easy to miss notifications. XD
    I'm glad you like it though! ^-^
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