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my name's emma. i'm the girl that has her head in the clouds... just daydreaming... probably about One Direction... or pizza...

i absolutely LOVE Ariana Grande as well! (hence the name gorgeousgrande...)

loving the support that i'm getting these days on my 1D fanfic My Brother's Best Friend! y'all are amaZAYN...

besides my five husbands, i'm obsessed with big hoodies, lazy days spent watching my favorite tv shows (WALKING DEAD FTW) drinking tea, and acting like i'm on crazy pills.

follow me on instagram: @sinkingblue

chat me up sometime[:

  • gorgeousgrande

    don't read this...

    haha! you rebel, i like you ;) But seriously, if you can, would you mind checking out my new 1D fanfiction, Fallen For My Saviour, featuring the brilliant and talented Ariana Grande?(: If you do, I thank you SOSOSO much!! Plus everyone who does that gets free cookies (not really) and I will do the same for your movella!! I will try to give really good feedback(: thank you so much if you do!! kisses!! (sorry for the weird title by the way... I knew it would pull you in. It did, didn't it? xD
  • gorgeousgrande
    I'm weird i like to comment before i actually read lol so after I post this comment im going to read the whole thing x3 i love bad boy niall fanfics, for some reason everyone makes him into this cute sweet immature boy who loves food (even I do that in my fics so im guilty) and for some reason they use harry or zayn as the bad boys so i'm excited to read this, hopefully it won't disappoint me but judging from the amazayn description i doubt it :]
    Will you Stay? (A Niall Horan FanFic )
    Will you Stay? (A...
    Anna Abate is a regular girl, with regular, with regular friends, in a regular boarding school, with regular Assholes. But one regular asshole catches her attention. Niall…Niall Horan. The school Bad boy/Jock/Hottie...
    6 лет назад
    Hopefully it does. Made me extra nervous lol. Thanks babe xx
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