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  • GeorgiaT

    mumbled "Schollarly Movellians "

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    Group thinking needed.
    I am writing a blog about books based in schools. I've got Hogwarts Worst Witch etc, have you guys got any suggestions where the school and teachers have a big part on the story?

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    I vaguely remember the Gemma Doyle Series taking place/having a decent bit to do with school, but it's been a while since I've read it, so I could be remembering the impact wrong.

    And A Separate Peace, maybe? Or A Little Princess? It's surprisingly hard to think of books that deal a lot with school, so these are basically boarding school ones which come to mind XD
    Victoria Raven
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    Malory Towers by Enid Blyton?
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    Mysterious Benedict Society is set in a school for about two thirds of the book.
  • GeorgiaT
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    I really love this. One thing I would say is that I think it that it is a little wordy here and there. read it out loud and cut antyhing that makes you stumble 'kill your darlings' Daahling! If you don't absolutely need that word, delete it OR use punctuation to make your meaning clearer and set the pace.
    second, think about where your line ends, use line breaks as punctuation as well.
    I LOVE when he came from your bed to mine. that line feels really strong.
    Its a brilliantly charged piece, and the emotion behind it really comes across, a little work in clarifying your images could really sharpen it up.
    Thanks for reading my poem Paper!
    My Lover and His Lover
    My Lover and His...
    My Lover and His Lover- third and final entry for The Poetry Project competition. Like and comment. Any feedback welcome :)
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    @[GeorgiaT] thank you so much for reading and for the wonderful advice :)
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