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~ ambassador (2015 - 2017)

~ real life heroes competition (winner)

~ battle of the fandoms 2015 (divergent winner)

~ dear diary competition (august winner)

~ off the page co-author competition (runner up)

~ the light that gets lost competition (winner)

~ write about your city competition (runner up)

~ star wars fanfiction competition (best story winner)

  • fictionbefourblood
    I would like to add a little note to this competition: please be mindful of others when writing about an experience or marginalisation you're not familiar with. In other words, DO YOUR RESEARCH. This might just be Movellas but that doesn't mean you won't hurt readers through harmful representation.

    Thank you. This competition is a step in the right direction for Movellas. I won't be entering but I look forward to reading some entries if I can allocate the time to do so :)
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    This is a really good point!! :)
    @[Skye S] is there any way to have this added to the competition page or something? :/
  • fictionbefourblood

    mumbled "3 Year Movellas Anniversary + Other Updates"

    Hello everyone.

    It's me. It's been a while since I've been 'active' on here and I feel awful neglecting my duties as an ambassador knowing someone else could be doing this job so much better than I am. But I just don't have time for this site anymore.

    It's been three years now since I joined. I've been around for four community managers and twice I've been an ambassador. But it's definitely time for me to move on. I genuinely believe that I've grown out of Movellas, if that's even possible.

    I feel like I already left months ago but I guess I'm making it official. I'm leaving. I know the search for new ambassadors is coming up soon and I won't be reapplying. I won't be deleting my account either, in case I want to check in sometime in the future.

    I guess I just wanted to say thank you to the community for being so welcoming, and for always striving to make this site a much better place. Movellas is a great space for teens, which I no longer am, but I will always be the first to recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere to write.

    Thanks for the ride, everyone. Keep on writing. <3
    Shaun JH Nightshade
    2 лет назад
    Good luck for the future. Like the others I struggle on other sites for writing as they don't have what Movellas has.
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    how do you become a ambassador
    2 лет назад
    @[Squonk of the Nightshade] Thank you!

    @[Blurry face] There's a blog post around this time each year explaining how to submit an application. Keep an eye out! :)
  • fictionbefourblood
    I've been MIA lately because I just don't have time for Movellas anymore but THIS COMPETITION IS AWESOME AND IT MAKES ME NEVER WANT TO PERMANENTLY LEAVE THIS SITE
    Skye S
    2 лет назад
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    You aren't allowed to leave @[fictionbefourblood], did I not mention that? Ever ;) I've seen your entry, what a cover and then there's that alluring byline... :)
    2 лет назад
    Sadly, I think I've grown out of this site :( Couldn't resist entering this competition though since I adored the book and having the author read my work (which may or may not be the first ever fanfiction written on this book XD) is exciting! Thank you <3 I better finish writing it since the deadline is tomorrow!
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