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I am not the aspire-e but your daily dose of sugar coated with sensible thoughts of sadness and struggle; all of what our civilization has to offer. So lets all just just sit together, peacefully. Lets us: prosper on our belongings, and let us: remember that we are oh-so lucky to have an internet connection.
Your welcome. (the one on the left).

Here are some useful facts that any of you 'out there' want to know about me:
- I am 15
- I live in Bangkok, Thailand
- I am not Thai
- I am Half Hungarian, quarter Australian and American (But I classify myself as an Australian).
- I am a swimmer
- I love music

  • DylanN

    mumbled "Day 2 - The eccentric novelist "

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    Yes, well it is day 2 upon making my page and posting 5 of my... 'stories', and it seems to me like there isn't anybody out two read them. 30 Views to be exact..... anyway, despite my depressive struggle for power on this website, I guess ill have to keep doing what I love to do; write. Even if it doesn't get me anywhere on this website. Thank you my 2 fans!
  • DylanN

    mumbled "The ambiguous case - my introduction"

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    So here it goes, a new and fresh start to a completely unknown environment; where my posts are to me swarms and devoured by a mix of others, not receiving any recognition. Oh joy. Oh but what the hell, I can try cant I?
    'A collection' is just a mi of different things I have come up with and written. As you can see, my use of language may seem somewhat depressing, but I can reassure you that I am. not. depressed! :D
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