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*credit to C.H. Nightshade for the profile pic*
I'm a girl but I will write mainly boy characters.

INTO THE STORM IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!!!!! THAT MOVIE IS AMAZING. I RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE. I want to be a storm chaser, so the movie was PERFECT!!!! (Sorry, my inner fangirl came out.)

I'm a
-Into the Storm
- fan of Alex Rider
-Prisoner (fan of The Wanted)
-Directioner (not going to write 1D)
-fan of BBC Robin Hood
-Lord of the Rings
-Percy Jackson
-The Heroes of Olympus
-Malcolm in the Middle
-The Sarah Jane Adventures
-Terra Nova
-The Big Bang Theory
-Trekkie (Star Trek)
-Family Ties
-plus more. It would take too much space to spell it out.
I am a HUGE fan of Ariana Grande. She is such a beautiful singer.
My dream job is to be a Storm Chaser.
I also like Austin Mahone, Magcon, and Rixton. I have two friends that are in this website. (HarryPotterfan21 and Hollyberry11) check out their movellas if you have time :) My favorite author is Anthony Horowitz.

Favorite characters (at least two)

DOCTOR WHO= (New Series:)The Doctor or Amy and Rory (Classic Series:) Adric or The Doctor
HUNGER GAMES= Finnick Odair (I am actually from District 4) or Johannah Mason
INTO THE STORM: Trey, Donnie, Gary or Allison.
STAR WARS=Luke Skywalker or
Obi-Wan Kenobi
ROBIN HOOD(BBC)= Will Scarlet or Jack
HARRY POTTER= Neville or Fred and George Weasley or Seamus Finnegan or Draco Malfoy or Oliver Wood or Ginny Weasley. Sorry it was long.
MERLIN= Mordred (While he is good) or Merlin
LORD OF THR RINGS= Pippin Took, Merry Brandybuck and Legolas
PERCY JACKSON=Will Solace or Rachel Dare
HEROES OF OLYMPUS=Piper McLean or Leo Valdez
JERICHO= Dale Turner or Jake Green
THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES: Sarah Jane Smith or Luke Smith
TERRA NOVA: Josh Shannon or Elizabeth Shannon
THE BIG BANG THEORY: Sheldon Cooper, Penny, or Howard Wolowitz.
STAR TREK: Spock, Kirk, Chekov
HAVEN: Audrey, Nathan, Duke
HEROES: Sylar, Hiro, Clare
FAMILY TIES: Alex, Andy, Jennifer

CURRENT FAV TV/YouTube show= Supernarural

  • Doctor Who 23
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    Title: The Time of Tradgedy

    Author: whovian3135

    Ideas: possibly the titanic

    Summary: a 22 year old male is traveling on the titanic.

    Let me know if you need more info. Thank you! :)
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