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OMFG its been so dang long since i've used this site. I can't use it during school bc its not secure, but ill tell ya i'm going to be adding more to Clare-Faye Denswell's diary. I got inspired this year with all the drama and death, (including suicidal deaths from my friends) that have been going on. looking forward to it. and if y'all wanna chat, hmu and ill give u my YouTube.

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  • Dia/Liz

    mumbled "Traumas..."

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    imagine you and your gf or bf being happy together for almost 2 months......then you break up bc ur always getting into fights, then she or he goes and dates one of you siblings........well shit thats happening to me rn....my ex is dating my brother.....and here i am struggling to get my english grade up so i can get my phone back so i can be with my crush.......
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