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"You is smart, you is kind, you is important."
-quote by Viola Davis on The Help
"We're human. We make mistakes."
-quote by William H. Macy on Shameless
"Someone's not someone. And when I figure out who that someone is, someone is in big trouble."
-quote by Stiles Stilinski on Teen Wolf

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My name is Dezire, but family-wise, everyone calls me Zire for short. I love dogs, llamas, owls, singing, playing the piano, watching youtube, sleeping, editing, music, and writing.

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Instagram: @dezire.jean56
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Snapchat: dezire.kline

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Random Letters | KTH ~ SNEAK PEEK ~

от , среда августа 22, 2018
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 Random Letters | KTH ~ SNEAK PEEK ~

Random Letters | KTH


Here is a sneak peek to my new story coming out soon. Enjoy!

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  • Zireee

    mumbled "An Announcement (Sorry!)"

    1 месяцев назадОтветить
    I'm going to be straight and honest. I'm not going to be able to update my stories this Saturday and next Saturday. This whole week I've been crazily busy and I haven't had time to write a chapter in any of my stories. I'm sincerely sorry about that. I'll also be out of town on vacation for my spring break next week and won't be back until Sunday. My soccer season has also started so I pray that it won't keep me too busy from writing on here. If I'm able to update my stories tomorrow, then I'll publish tomorrow, but I won't make any promises. Thanks for understanding.

    Jadessa Crowe
    1 месяцев назад
    No problem! Don't stress yourself unnecessarily! Have fun, kick back, and, work when you want to and when you can!
    1 месяцев назад
    Kick back! I might not either so :D It's spring break, enjoy your time. Okay? oh and have fun <3
  • Zireee

    mumbled "Story Updates!"

    1 месяцев назадОтветить
    Hey, guys!

    So, I'll be gone tomorrow the whole day, and last week I missed publishing my stories on Saturday (sorry!), so I'm going to publish today. I meant to publish earlier in the day, but... ya girl fell asleep when she got home and went to a birthday dinner so... ANYWAYS.
    I'll leave the links to my stories down below. Go check them out and leave your feedback on them, it'd mean a lot. Don't forget to comment in @[trbl.] and I's Movellas Store along with my cover store. Thanks!

    Updated Stories:
    Random Letters • kth"... I've had the biggest crush on you for so long..." How a young teen uses sweet letters to express his feelings for a girl he's fallen for. BT...

    Explicitly High ; pjm"Let's hang out" - 9:30 pm "can't, busy" - 9:35 pm "Doing what?" - 9:37 pm "getting high...

    Meant To BeWe were made for each other. He is mine. And I am his. Till death do us part.

    Zireee's Cover Store (RE-OPENED!)You want a cover for your story? You've come to the right place! Hit me up!

    The Ultimate Movellas Store *CLOSED*Welcome to The Ultimate Movellas store! Here, the store will contain all of the above: reviews, story plots & ideas, banners, advice, edits, and PNG/tra...
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