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  • CrazyMofos

    mumbled "Best Day Ever .3. "

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    This might be mean

    But today at the beginning of first period a gurl named Hannah got punched by a new student named Nicole and I was dying. #Oops
    Hannah is so mean to everyone and she thinks she's tougher than everybody and blah blah so no one likes her. Same with the new gurl but I walked out of performing arts (Its a class you take when you act, dance and sing.) and I was walking down the hall then BOOM.

    Woooooah hooooo Nicole swung at Hannah leaving her to cry while everyone talked about it the rest of today. After Nicole punched her she ran off like nothing happened #DyingSorry Then the teachers got her, took her to the office now she's suspended and has 7 detentions. She came her no later than 3 weeks ago and she got in a fight. Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl. Thatttttttt. Craaaaaaaaay.
    I was all like

    Hay jk c: But...
    A couple hours later
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