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Canadian wana-be author. Working on my first novel, while I post short stories up here.

  • Connor Harrison

    mumbled "Looking for advice..."

    Anyone have a good method for writing horror.
    As in, is there a difference from writing other novels?
    Maddy McGlynn
    5 лет назад
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    I'm not a massive horror person myself, partly because it gives me nightmares! You probably are well aware of Stephen King, but I would say he is perhaps the best author to look at for ideas. He has also written a semi auto-biography/writer's advice book called 'On Writing' which was recommended here on Movellas. I had a go and although I wasn't looking at it for horror, it may help out? Perhaps in terms of inspiration?

    Then of course there's older writers like Edgar Allan Poe who is incredible. I thought I'd hate him but wow, his stories are dark. I would push Poe!

    Hope this helps and good luck with the story!
    Connor Harrison
    5 лет назад
    Just finished On Writing this weekend, awesome book. Also read Joyland and my goodness do I love Stephen King...! And thanks!
  • Connor Harrison
    Thanks to everyone who read, liked and favorited this, and especially all of you who commented! It's really appreciated to hear positive feedback.
    London Records
    London Records
    Runner up for Tape Writing Competition! :D Christopher Hughes first date with the girl of his dreams does not go to plan when they are caught in what seems like another London Blitz.
  • Connor Harrison
    I really enjoyed this. Not much I could recommend. You may want to be slightly more specific concerning who is speaking when multiple people are talking, it got a little hard to follow at some point, but not terribly! Nothing really else I can say.
    Really interesting start, can't wait to read more!
    Vauron's Hammer
    Vauron's Hammer
    Erron is a young human mage, living in slavery under the dwarves. Sanastael is an elf in the same predicament. Thrown together, they must battle to free the land of Vaurona from the iron grip of the immortal...
    5 лет назад
    Thank you. I'll bear that in mind for the next chapter.
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