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My name is Cher Perri and I have brownish hair, with brown eyes. I am a quiet and shy person but once you get to now me I can be kinda crazy (In a good way). My dream is either to be a writer, or singer I have loved and enjoyed both of them as a kid and enjoy them even more now. My favorite songs are Perfect by: P!nk, Voodoo Doll by: 5 Seconds of summer, No control by: One Direction, and Pills n Potions by: Nicki Minaj. I also am obsessed with One Direction if you didn't know yet.
Here are some minor details about me-
My favorite color is red
I play the piano and i'm learning how to play the trumpet
My celebrity crushes are Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Luke hemming, and Ashtion Irwin.
I love to dance wether its to let loose or just to have fun
I love reading
My favorite sport is baseball
and I love to smile.. :)
I have to go now bye.

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