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Hi there! I'm Cassidia, but you can call me Cass if you want.

I'm 18 and British. Hey.

Pro Choice
Anti Euthanasia
Anti Feminist
Pro Brexit
Anti Immigration

Want to talk about these issues then feel free!

I love:
Red Queen
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson
The Hunger Games

  • Running Wild
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    Honestly I love the style this is written in so much. Like, it really grabs you and it's a bit different from your usual style but it's still done so well. (I'm getting kinda David Almond vibes?) :)
    Silver and Gold
    Silver and Gold
    [Entry for Strange the Dreamer competition - Option One] Artemis and Apollo are brother and sister - two halves of a whole. Artemis has always been the wild one, the dreamer, the adventurer. But her...
    Le Fox
    3 лет назад
    Aw, thank you so much, I was a bit nervous about trying a new kinda style so I'm glad you like it. (Also David Almond I love David Almond that is possibly the greatest compliment I've ever gotten asdfghjkl) XD <3 :)
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