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I'm 18 now what have I been doing with my life

  • Brielle_Bella

    mumbled "Bored and need new stories!"

    Have a story you want feedback on? Need more reads? Need suggestions or criticism? Comment the name of your stories below and i'll read it and leave feedback!
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    Hi! I'll be posting more chapters in my story 'The Rose' (the one with the real rose on the cover, not the one with the illustrated rose) over the next few days, if you could give them a read and leave constructive criticism, I would greatly appreciate it!
  • Brielle_Bella
    i'm not even in this fandom and I couldn't stop reading! I love your style of writing. I may have to read the Percy Jackson books now!
    The Princess of Olympus: Lone Wolf
    The Princess of...
    "Who are you?" Leo asked, once they all had gotten into the helicopter, with him in the pilot seat and Jaia, beside him, in co-pilot. Jaia stared out the window trying to get her thoughts in order. 'Who...
    Artemis Fowl
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    you haven't read percy jackson?! OMG The real auther is on Movellas, Percy Jackson is AMAZING X 10 and thats not even close!
    Artemis Fowl
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    search his name up
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