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I'm 19 years old, I was born & raised in South Texas. I love to read and write. My dream is to become a famous author. Im in cosmetology school. I will read anyones story, so if you want me to read yours please just ask. Also, I like a lot stories.

I was bullied throughout my life, and it's hard on a person. Some people are so extreme that they lose their life, help STOP BULLYING.

It may not be much, but if you are against bullying and want it to stop put 'stop bullying' in your description. You may save someones life.

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    I would like one

    name: BriannaLea Harker
    idea: something kind of cute and colorful maybe with something like the chevron design or owls, or both. Up to you. NO rush TIA!
    Christmas Cards for You From Me
    Christmas Cards...
    Welcome to my movella! I will be making Christmas cards for you guys! If you want one read chapter one. :)
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