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If I had to live by the words I wrote I would either be a mermaid, an Alien Princess, a superpowered heroine or a desperate detective.

Second Drafts

от , суббота февраля 23, 2019
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Second Drafts

I recently finished the second draft for Day 723 and thought I'd share my process with you all.

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  • Katie Pharoah
    4 дней назадОтветить
    This is brilliant, that start is powerful and the cover is beautiful :)
    a little poem I made a while ago about being an artist
    4 дней назад
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    Thank you so much :)
    The cover is actually the orignal poem written from my typewriter, just in a blue folder that randomly had people on it, so I'm glad you like it :D
  • Katie Pharoah
    1 недель назадОтветить
    Loving the description, especially the heat imagery in the first two chapters. That summary as well invites you in - can't wait to read more :)
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