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Hi! I'm sixteen and from the awesome USA! Nice to meet you!

I love:
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson
The Lunar Chronicles
The Hobbit
Lord of the Rings
The Mortal Instruments
Red Queen
Sherlock (The English one)

  • BookLover12345
    It says u wrote a new chapter but I can't read it for some reason???
    Lost to the Flames (On Hold)
    Lost to the Flames...
    Meet Rune Oakes: notoriously badly behaved, too smart for her own good, and the new fourth year at prestigious Borthwick Academy Boarding School. But when you're told you're destined to be a murderer,...
    Le Fox
    2 лет назад
    Hi, yeah, that wasn't meant to be published aha. Hopefully the proper version will be posted soon! :) <3
    2 лет назад
    Oh right okay. I hope so 2
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