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I am 19 and I love 5SOS (5 Seconds Of Summer) ummm and I also like Danisnotonfire,and AmazingPhil and to be boring my favorite color is black
Favorite member of 5SOS is Michael (Sorry for anyone I made mad) but that is me����

Just a little bit broken ok maybe a lot
They've changed I've changed it's for the best I guess that's what the path of life put us on
Just remember everyone changes because you change the view you look at them with.....

  • Stitched Heart
    Maybe something happens to her family so she's left alone with the boys in the house.
    Hair Color: Red with tips of orange
    Eye color: Brown
    Personality:Random,artistic,funny,and loves food
    Features:Snake bites, Abstract butterfly tattoo
    Boyfriend: Michael
    Merry fucking Christmas
    Merry fucking Chri...
    Wasn't Christmas hard enough? Without the most hated neighbors in the world spending time with her family? And his friends. They go by the names of Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings and Ashton...
    Ali The Puppy🐶
    3 лет назад
    Thanks! I'll put you in the story in the next update in a day or so!
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