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Looking back on what I have written I deleted every book except two, you may ask why but that is an unanswerable question and truth be told it's gotten to a point where I would just publish everything I thought of so maybe it's for the best.

(Now on a less frustrated note )

Big virtual Hugs ((((((**))))))

Oh and one last thing...
You're awsome

  • You_never_know.

    mumbled "Rant "

    I feel sorry for who ever reads this because I have a s*** load of (fill in the blank) ranting to do. First of all if some one doesn't like a person what makes them think I do, and I'm sorry pretty much any one who has ever said their work is soooo bad when they actually think it's amazing (sorry if it's you) is your fishing rod broken because you're fishing for compliments but are as sure as hell not getting any from me. I can't believe I actually made the mistake of telling someone exactly what I thought of them and what they were trying to do, bad move for the rest of the day I had to suffer that person's denial in my ear. Final thing, you wanna ignore me when I am talking to you for no apparent reason do you know what I say to that you get what you give, right back at you 'pal'.
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