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you cant change your fate | you can only compromise

  • Alex.Browning

    mumbled "5SOSFam? Outside Opinions? :-)"

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    I've just recently started my new fan fiction, Shifted, and it's a punk Luke au :-)
    It would be really awesome if some of you could take a look at it and give me some feedback and whenether you think I should continue with it ^.^
    I would really appreciate it if some other members that aren't in the 5sos fandom could take a look as well, to see it for it's writing :-)
    Eve Smallman
    5 лет назад
    Yaaay that's cool :)
    5 лет назад
    Apparently I haven't missed a lot D-: can I ask for a favour @[Enya Sanders☕️] ? Please could you take a look at my latest movellas and maybe give it some genuine critique? If not, dw, but it would be greatly appreciated ^.^
    Eve Smallman
    5 лет назад
    *rolls up sleeves* Can do! :)
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