Lost In Flight

I wake to the sound of drums in my ears, to see a man standing next to me, a smile on his face and now hoping my feet will never touch the ground again.

Author's note

Hope you like it, as far as I know, there will only be one book. ;P

2. Hunter Thorns

September, 9 2019

      I watched as she slowly ran down the hall, and no matter how hard she tried to hide it, I could feel and hear her tears fall, echoing off the hall walls. at that moment all I wanted to do was beat that boy till it hurt, but thought otherwise for her sake, because I knew that she loved him.


     so I would hold back the anger a little bit longer for her sake. I walked down the hall, stopping at the changing room, taking my shirt off and started my run around the mile long gym, I ran keeping a steady pace but could only think about how hurt Sarah was when she had left the class, tears streaming her cheeks.


     I made a full lap before any of the other men had even made it to class, sweat streaming my face as I took off in another run. I wasn't the fastest runner, but the fact that I kept going longer than anyone made up for it.


      but if they knew what had kept me going all of this time, they would think of me as crazy or worse, but I knew that I kept going for her, so that when the time came if it did that I would be able to defend her and hold her near and stand the pain with her.  because that is what mates do.

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