take three steps back before one step forward.

when she lost herself. looking for me.


Author's note

Just something random. Story may develop. Let's see. Writing after long, want to make it simple.

2. Connect


It’s usual. I thought by the time it will be my tenth day at work, I will get along. It’s almost a month now and I know my workmates find me weird. While starting this internship I thought I will get along well, make new connections which will connect me to the path of my dream career. I was wrong. I am out of words.

Simple human communication. I wish they taught this subject in school. Simple human communication.


Lesson 1: How to make impression.

Lesson 2: How to say hello with confidence 

Lesson 3: How to make a last impression at the end of the day so it will be more comfortable to say hello the next morning without feeling unwanted.

Lesson 4: How to be yourself.

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