Danganronpa 2. Monchrome rebirth.

Every story has an end. Every story has its begin.

Since the fateful days of the BSTT incident, the school took every precaution to check up on their students. There was even made a foundation to make sure no killing game ever was to happen again. A few years past since the first BSTT murder game and soon it's gonna start again. Fifteen ultimate students of the #18 class are now soon gonna find themselves in that kinda game again. They are now in Monocamp. Their school trip right into Despair.


12. Planning.

I walked toward the riverbank. I was looking up toward the sky. The clear blue sky stretching out above us:
"I know we're trapped, but seeing the blue sky really still feels like freedom," I said:
"Tr-true," Lara said. Lara had still not left my side:
"Are you gonna follow me all day?" I asked:
"Yes, you said to find someone, I t-trust. I found you." She said pointing her staff at me so the bell gave a little sound:
"I see. Well, I did tell you to do that but still, you really sure you want to be with me." I said. She nodded:
"Fine," I said. We walked over to the riverbank. There we found some others:
"Oh, hey," Lucas said as he stood on the small bridge:
"Hey there," Diana said sitting in the grass:
"Ay, my friends!" Magnus shouted:
"You three are here?" I asked:
"I could ask you the same. Why are you together?" Lucas asked:
"I was gonna go here to relax and Lara doesn't seem to want to leave my side," I said. Lara nodded:
"Well, you seem reliable. So I kinda understand her." Lucas said:
"The way you tackle the situation early, that was manly, my friend, Gahahaha," Magnus said clapping my back:
"T-Thanks," I said nearly losing my breath from the clap:
"What about her. She seems relaxed." I said pointing at Diana:
"Well, I can't work while being here, so I chose to just relax for now," Diana said as she looked at me:
"You seem relaxed for being in a killing game," Magnus said:
"Well, see it like this, did I ever chose to participate," Diana said:
"Do we have a choice?" Lucas asked:
"Listen here, I have too much to see to and too many clients to die. I don't have time to run around killing you guys." Diana said:
"So you just chose to not do anything?" I asked:
"Someone will come looking for you. People actually like my talent." Diana said:
"Saying like no one like ours?" Lucas asked:
"Of course, your talents are great and I will never disagree with that, but tell me who get use from a gambler and diver?" Diana asked:
"You got some guts talking to us like that!" Lucas shouted:
"Relax!" Magnus shouted as he grabbed Lucas shoulder. Lucas nodded:
"I didn't mean to offend you. I'm just really honest." Diana said:
"Honest. You call that honesty?" Lucas asked:
"In my job, I need to be 100% honest. I can't deliver 100% service without it." Diana said:
"She seems capable and not that much of a dick," I said:
"I like her already, of course, I like ya too!" Magnus shouted:
"Yeah, you seem reserved but intelligent," Diana said:
"And you tackle the confrontation earlier," Lucas said:
"I did what I had too. I don't want people to kill each other." I said:
"You seemed to have changed over the few days here. You first were a loner but now you do everything to keep us from killing each other." Diana said:
"Call it a gamble for later. If someone starts this. People start to see how easy it is." I said:
"Easy?!" Magnus shouted in shock:
"Listen. We won't do it. I just take all outcomes into account." I said. I wish I could believe my own words:
"Thanks for that, I will trust you," Lara said. As long as I can keep putting faith in these people:
"Hello!" I heard someone shout followed by a bark:
"Alexander." I said turning around. Alexander came walking with the dog:
"I had to get away from camp. It's so depressing there. Some people just won't cheer up." Alexander said. Augustus nodded. At his side was Sasha:
"Adam, Sam, Sophia, Sandra. Is sad. Mina is really weird. Liza kinda disappeared. Zack is also gone and Samantha is just sleeping around camp. Zeek is doing whatever. Kinda hard to get a read on that guy." Sasha said:
"So we are the only sane?" I asked:
"Seems like it. I think some of them need time. Sophia doesn't seem like a sad person and Sam will join her soon enough. Liza needs time and  Zeek is...Zeek." Alexander said:
"Seems logical." Diana said:
"So what now?" Sasha asked:
"for now. Let's talk about how we can figure this out. I still have a plan of bonding." I said.
"Bonding?" Lucas asked:
"We are all unstable in this situation, even me. So I think getting to know each other is the best solution we can do right now." I said:
"So you think it's a good idea for us to become closer?" Diana asked:
"I think that's the best solution. Would you kill a friend?" I asked:
"I thought th-the killing wouldn't start again," Lara said:
"It won't as long as we do everything in our might to prevent it," I said:
"I like the logic behind this, but do you think it's that simple?" Diana asked:
"What do we have to lose? I think it's a good plan." Lucas said:
"So how should we do this?" Sasha asked:
"Why not just talk, Ai always liked a good chat!" Magnus shouted and then laughed:
"Yeah, why force it. We can just relax here and talk for a bit." Alexander said:
"Give me a moment," I said as I closed my eyes thinking. Will this be effective enough. We need something powerful and quick. We need to do everything in our might to prevent this:
"What about a form of party?" I asked:
"Party?" Diana asked:
"If we did some sort of small event and everyone came. We could make memories and laugh together?" I asked:
"What would this event be?" Magnus asked:
"We are in the woods. We could always have a grill party." Sasha said:
"We need to make it seem like a party. Eating in the lodge would be too normal. What about going to the opening. There a campfire there. We could make grill food above that and then eat at the fancy house?" I asked:
"So we take up two places?" Diana asked as she put it down in her notes:
"Oh yeah, we got the ultimate event manager here," Lucas said:
"Just leave the planning to me. Now we just need to get the others on board." Diana said as she looked at her pocket watch:
"Good. So what about we split into two teams?" I asked:
"Two teams?" Lucas asked:
"One team, try to get the others to come. One team, to prepare the party?" I asked:
"Fine. We're seven people." Diana said:
"I think Diana you choose who you need," I said:
"Well. Lucas, Magnus, Alexander. You three can help me. I need some muscle." Diana said:
"Sure," Lucas said:
"Will be an honor," Alexander said:
"I'm all muscle!" Magnus shouted:
"Then we three will go talk to the others," I said. Lara and Sasha nodded:
"Let's split up then," I said. The other nodded. 

I headed toward the camp again. Lara at my side fidgeting and Sasha at my side looking determinate. This has to work, because if it doesn', then we're dead. 

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