Danganronpa 2. Monchrome rebirth.

Every story has an end. Every story has its begin.

Since the fateful days of the BSTT incident, the school took every precaution to check up on their students. There was even made a foundation to make sure no killing game ever was to happen again. A few years past since the first BSTT murder game and soon it's gonna start again. Fifteen ultimate students of the #18 class are now soon gonna find themselves in that kinda game again. They are now in Monocamp. Their school trip right into Despair.


14. I'm your teacher.

I stood in front of him. He was looking at me:
"Why is it that I need to save your ass all the time?" I asked:
"Hm?" Zack raised an eyebrow:
"I need to keep this group together. Why aren't you doing anything?" I asked:
"BEcause you were doing something," Zack said:
"What?" I asked:
"The first rule of teaching, if the students can do it, then make them do it," Zack said:
"If we weren't in a killing game, then I would have beat your ass by now," I said. Zack laughed:
"I'm proud of you tho, you really got your shit together, Jay," Zack said:
"Don't give me that," I said. I walked up to him and grabbed him by the necktie. He smiled:
"You are gonna be there for this event. You understand?" I asked:
"You kinda remind me of myself, back in the BSTT incident," Zack said:
"Don't you dare compare me to you!" I shouted. This rage, who do you think you are!
"Calm down, Jay. I was actually doing something productive." Zack said:
"What have you been doing?" I asked:
"I've been trying to prevent any murder. I've been looking around for any form of murder weapons. I found out you can control the crane up there." Zack said. There was a crane in the roof. It was hanging:
"I don't think it can be a murder weapon," Zack said:
"You really are stupid. You don't have to find weapons. You have to make sure we don't kill each other. Why are you here?! When all your students are at the fancy house." I said. Zack looked at me:
"You're not made out to be a teacher. Stick to manipulation." I said leaving the sawmill. Zack ran after me:
"Jay, wait," Zack said. I looked at him:
"Leave me alone," I said:
"No. I can't do that. You are quite unstable right now." Zack said:
"Why did you become a teacher?" I asked:
"Huh?" Zack asked:
"You aren't made out to be a teacher, you are nothing like a teacher. You are nothing! So why did you try to become one?!" I shouted. Zack looked at me:
"Back at the BSTT incident. We were sixteen students. The one closest to me was named Helena Liber. She was the ultimate teacher. She was killed and died for us. I promised to take over her legacy. I became a teacher for that reason." Zack said. I looked at him. So even assholes like him have dreams:
"So that is why?" I asked:
"Yeah. I know I'm not that cut out for it but I still want to do it." Zack said:
"Then stop acting like the ultimate manipulator and start acting like the teacher," I said. Zack sighed:
"You're right," Zack said:
"So now, let's go to the fancy house. We got some students to see." I said. Zack nodded. Sometimes I wish I knew what people were thinking. He could be talking but he could also be lying. Nevermind that, my greatest job right now is that of making sure this party is a hit. 

I walked down the road with Zack at my side. I could hear voices in the distances. I arrived at the fancy house and everyone was there:
"Good. We are all here. How did prep work go?" I asked:
"It was done on time, don't underestimate my ultimate," Diana said:
"We got it all together quickly," Magnus said:
"And we are all here," Lara said:
"Good. So this is how it's gonna go." Diana said:
"Before that. I have someone here who would like to say something." I said pushing Zack forward. He walked forward:
"What up, teach?" Sophia asked:
"I would like to apologize. I haven't been there for you guys the last couple of days." Zack said:
"That is an understatement," Lucas said:
"I would like to apologize for my behavior," Zack said:
"If it wasn't for Jay, then we all would have been after each other," Sasha said:
"I know. So all of you, please thanks, Jay." Zack said:
"I will like to thank you," Lara said:
"SaMe HeRe," Zeek said. I knew he was gonna be here:
"You really tried ya best, boy!" Magnus shouted:
"Thank you all. Now for the event. We gonna grill some food on the grill at the fancy house. Then we can eat around the opening over there. There are a few benches. Let's all have some fun." I said:
"I will do the grilling," Zack said:
"That's not in my plan...But whatever. You can do that." Diana said:
"Good. Now let's have some fun." Lucas said:
"Yeah! I'm ready to eat some food!" Samantha shouted:
"Need any help, Zack?" Adam asked:
"No. I can do it just fine." Zack said:
"Okay. what about we carry some plates to the opening?" Magnus asked:
"Good idea," Diana said:
"Okay then, let's do this!" Liza shouted. All of the other ran into the house carrying plates and glasses. I stood there watching them walk. Some of them was talking and some of them was laughing. I just stood there with a smile. Seems like my job is done. It hit off:
"You coming?" Sasha asked as she came walking. Next to her was Lara:
"Yeah," I said. I walked into the fancy house:
"You really did it," Sasha said:
"Yeah. It wasn't easy tho. It was a fight. Some of them more stubborn than others. We just need them to stay like this:
"Y-you really are an amazing man," Lara said with a smile:
"I'm just going my job as a classmate. We might not be at BSTT but we are still classmates." I said:
"The monkey can be silnet. We are the #18 class of BSTT and we won't hurt anyone." Sasha said:
"You're right," I said with a smile:
"Actually surprised he hasn't done anything yet?" Lara said:
"Yeah. If he wants us to kill each other. He should try to stop us." Sasha said:
"He might think it's not a task he can do. He is up against the ultimate gambler. I never lose a game." I said:
"Aren't you just growing just a bit of a ego?" Sasha asked:
"I always had an ego. It just shows now when I'm doing amazing things." I said:
"Ha...Haha." Lara started to laugh. I broke into laughter too. Sasha soon joined us:
"You guys coming?!" We heard Sophia shout outside:
"Yeah." I said:
"Let's go!" Sasha shouted. I nodded. Lara walked up next to me:
"Let's get this party going!" I shouted. The other two nodded and we left the fancy house with a smile

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