Haley is the twin sister of the famous Harry Potter. Neither of them know it though. Somehow, sbe ended up in American foster care. She lives out her life there, and she's sure she's been to almost every state. when she's adopted by a British couple, her life changes forever. She also discovers a dark secret, which may be the reason of the strange lightning bolt mark on her cheek.


2. The Letter

I had just finished moving to England with my new parents when I got my letter. It was say... A week before my eleventh birthday? Yes, that's it. July 24th. The mail had just arrived. I went to go get it when I saw a letter addressed to me. It read:

Miss H. Hollows

Smallest Bedroom

Fifth Floor

London Apartment Co.

London, England

It was really weird that they knew where my bedroom was, and that it had no stamp, but I opened it anyways. I did it before going inside though, because I didn't want Jenny to think I was being stalked. I remember being shocked for a few seconds, and Jenny almost passed out. Nat looked overjoyed though. "Imagine that!" He said, in his strange British accent. Being from America, I spoke normally. Duh. "A witch! I knew there was something unusual about you, and this is it! The best, most amazing unusual you could be!" There was a knock on the door. Jenny went to open it and I think she might have actually passed out at that point. There, in the doorway, was a man twice the size of a normal one. His thick, messy beard covered the majority of his face. "G'day Mrs. Wellmack. " He said cheerfully. "Mind If I come in?" Jenny shook her head, and the man ducked while turning sideways to walk in. " Name's Rubeus Hagrid. Just call me Hagrid though, almost everybody at 'Ogwarts does. " Nat looked even happier now. " Oh Joy!'" He said excitedly. " My Haley really is a witch! " I rolled my eyes. Nat could be so... Overly joyful. "Come come, sit!" The giant man named Hagrid said. If course, he didn't since he probably knew our ancient couch wouldn't hold his weight. "Soo.." I said. " explain this witch business to me. "

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