The Rules of Sorrow

I just wrote a new chapter called forbidden love.


1. Let Love In

Hold on tight, but don't bruise it.  Use it for balance, when wind comes, don't fall.  take its shoulder to cry on, but don't let it drown.  

Never ignore it, you might miss something. When it tells you to use fortitude, be strong. When it proclaims your beauty, believe it.

If it gives you a gift, accept it. When it holds out a hand, take it. If it tries to help you, listen. If it points out your faults, don't deny them. when it  announces its love for you, love it back.

What can love really hurt? Don't abuse  it, scars are left. Think less, love more.  

Keep your mind in the present, for you're stuck there. Never  trust evil, for it will burn. Don’t let reality suck you in, for it will weaken you. Never lose hope, it is  hard to find. You’ve got it in you, grab it by the horns. If love were the only thing around, pain would never exist.


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