Hollywood Dream

For the places competition


1. Hollywood dream



Why did i choose to come to Hollywood? It must have been those televised adverts that displayed Hollywood as a wonderful place where your dreams come true. You hear so many stories of people coming celebrities or turning their life around in Hollywood. But, now I wonder when they mean turn their life around, if it's meant to be a positive or a negative.

At the age of eighteen; when I decided to go and live in Hollywood, I hadn't really planned my life or knew what I was doing. After another row with my parents who were yelling at me for dropping out of university to live my life. It wasn't as if I had wanted to go university, studying medicine had been their dream. They wanted me to become a successful doctor so they could tell all our family and friends about their doctor daughter. It never crossed their minds that perhaps I didn't want to study medicine because I found it difficult, that no matter how hard I tried it was just me pretending to be the good daughter. For years I had longed to be free, trapped in a society where I was bound by rules and expectations. Everyone had an expectations of me; my parents to be a good daughter, my teachers be a good student and my grandparents not to ruin the families name.

After pretending for so long I got tired. After a massive argument with my father once again criticising my decisions, I had enough so when he told me to leave the house I didn't argue. I remember that day so clearly, how quickly I packed a few clothes, my phone, wallet, books, jewellery and my passport. It's funny when I think how I had managed to pack as much as me into one suitcase, I had money saved up in my bank and as gifts from family. It wasn't much but it was something. As I left the house, seeing my mother cry as she begged me not to leave. She was torn between her daughter and her husband, in the end she couldn't give up our family for me. When I left my home that day, I didn't know what I was doing. Suddenly, remembering the Hollywood adverts I got a taxi to the airport and used all the money I had to buy a plane ticket to Hollywood.

By the time I arrived in Hollywood, it was too late for me to turn back. It wasn't as magical as it had seemed. I thought in Hollywood my life would be wonderful, that perhaps I could build a life here. It was a difficult time in my life, being in a new place with no money and no one to go to. For the first time in my life I was free but I didn't like it. By some luck I managed to get a job at a nearby bar as a waitress and managed to rent a small one room apartment with a workmate of mine. I was barely earning much money, nearly all I earned when into paying the rent. The adverts lied, for the rich and famous Hollywood was a wonderful place but for the poor and infamous it was tough. 

Sometimes I dreamt of how different my life would have been had I stayed back with my parents. Its been six years since I left my home. Not a single day goes that I don't regret my decision and long for my parents. If I hadn't came to Hollywood and had continued studying the uni degree I could have been a doctor by now. Instead I'm cleaning tables and serving customers in a place which isn't my home.

"Lana, there's a customer at table three come and serve him immediately!" my boss Pete yelled.

I sighed in annoyance, it had only been a five minute break. My eyes spot my boss Pete, a middle aged grumpy looking man who seemed to hate me. It was if soon as I took a break, Pete would remind me he was paying me to work and not take breaks. I spot a young man in his thirties staring mindlessly at the TV. I force a big smile on my face as I pretend to be the good employee once more.

"Good afternoon sir, welcome to Hollywood dreams bar where all your dreams will come true," I lie saying it with as much fake enthusiasm as I could muster. The customer doesn't even take a look at me before he orders a beer, turning my back from him and walking to the bartender I wonder how long I could keep this up for.

This facade of pretending had been something I was quite used to and after years of pretending I had started to believe the lie.



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