My thoughts and mind

This is going to be filled with my feelings and what is going on in my mind, it's going to be filled with poems and general things about how I'm going / feeling


1. lonely hearts club

Tears of blood fall from my broken heart

I never thought we would be apart

When you held me you said "forever"

Now that you're gone I know you meant "never"

Saying you love me with that look in your eye

And that was a cold hearted lie

Your tender touch, a soft kiss

Two things about you I will miss

As I sit here thinking about you

My face is wet with tears past due

I should've cried a long time ago

But I loved you so

I know they say love is blind

But I had only you on my mind

A hurt so deep it cuts like a knife

But wounds heal I'll be okay,please be okay.

I will miss you but I know it's for the best my love will stop and grow for another because you are forever no longer my lover

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