Life After Death

For the Reincarnation a fantasy writing competition, An entry based on reincarnation.


1. Prologue

Black swirling mist surrounds the air. A cool sharp breeze floats around me. The moisture from the rain hits me before gently bouncing away from me. In the night sky I merge with the background with my long black hair and dark skin. I'm back. The world is exactly how it was just before I died. Time has passed since that tragic night that I was killed. In the space of a few minutes my whole life had changed in the blink of an eye. Death is a pure mystery. All that time when I was in Haven, all I could do was hope to one day return back to Earth. But, now that I'm back I have no idea what to do. I've been reincarnated into a body that isn't mine yet it is mine. It feels strange looking into a mirror and seeing dark eyes that contrast against my human light eyes. Before my death I used to feel that I was the most beautiful girl with the best life in the world. I thought everyone loves me but that's incorrect. If everyone did love me then why did someone hate me enough to kill me. Everyone around me had always seemed so nice but now I wonder if perhaps my human innocence is all to blame. This new body is much better than my old, I used to look like the sun all fair and pretty but now I resemble the night, a dark exotic beauty. Nobody who knew me from my old world would ever recognise me now even if I told them I was Marissa they would laugh at me. Marissa Blake, even my old name sounds foreign in my mouth like it belongs to somebody else. 

I've got a new name now. Ebony Night. I think it suits me. I never thought death would be so peaceful, it isn't as bad as everything thinks it is. I'm back in my old town Northwood. It isn't surprising that I was brought back here. Fate knows what to do and where to bring people to. There is a reason why I've been brought here but even why I'm still slightly confused. All I've been told is that I will realise the reason soon. The pelting rain continues to pour heavily drenching me. I've almost forgotten how the rain feels like. I slip my hoodie over my head shoving my long black hair under it. I continue walking for what seems like an hour before I'm standing outside a familiar house. As soon as I see the blue door I know that this was my home. I didn't know why I came here perhaps to find some shelter just until the rain is over. I tap on the door and I take a gasp of breathe when the door swings upon. My mother, she looks like she has aged a decade since I last saw her, her blonde hair framing her delicate features. Her petite figure is covered by a large jumper though from the sight of her thin hands I can see she has dishevelled right in front of me.

"Hello, who are you?" my mother says her hand on the door ready to slam it in front of my face.

My heart breaks when I see her and I just want to hug her in my arms. She shows no signs of recognising me and looks at me like I'm a stranger.

"I'm sorry madam. I'm new here in town. I'm looking for a motel," I mumble.

"There is a motel a few miles from here, just head left," my mother says pointing me in the direction before closing the door.

As the door slams in front of me, a tear slips from my eye. I didn't think that it would hurt this much. Just seeing here for a minute made me feel so human. I had to remember that I wasn't a complete human anymore. I couldn't be tied to any humans or any human connection. I was much stronger than this. Turning around I walk back into the darkness. I'm all alone and I always will be.

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