My Never Ending Nightmare

Have you ever felt like you were always being watched? Your past haunts your dreams, your every waking moment. Take a look at what happens when your dreams become reality.


1. Chapter 1

“Analise come to me. I miss your velvet touch,  as sensual and relaxing as your lavender scent,” said a far off voice.

“Who’s there? Where am I please help me..... please,” replied analise. Turning in circles but not seeing a way out.

“Come. let me kiss your lips as I once had,”. said the voice ignoring her pleas.

Analise curled in a ball on the bed of grass that resembled the bed of grass that lay just on the outskirts of her flower bed at home. Seeing no way around it she began to weep. Knowing now that she would never get home or see her mother again.

“Aaaaaaanaa,”  the voice was now even more faint.

    Waking with a gasp she sat erect. Looking around frantically taking her back to her home on the outskirts of London, Analise sat erect in her bed, her nightgown falling off her shoulder. Slowly looking over at the limp body of her betrothed, lying asleep in her bed and released a breath. Who was the man in her dream? what did he want from her? Slowly, as to not wake the man that was sleeping along side her, Ana got up and walked to the window. Outside was dark and misty. As she observed the scenery in front of her she noticed in the little space under the willow tree in her backyard stood a man holding what looked like a rose. Backing away from the window she ran to the door, down the stairs; out the front door. Rushing to the willow tree where the man stood unfazed and unmoving. She stopped and stared at the man standing watching her every move. Taking in the figure that stood in front of her, she made out the tall, slender body and the rose he held but nothing more.

“Who are you?” Ana whispered in awe and fear.

“Come to me Ana.” the man said.

She took a moment to register and recognize the voice and staggered back. This was the man that came to her in her dreams. With every step she took back he advanced forward. In a matter of seconds he was in the light of the moon and she could now tell who it was. She whispered his name, the name that she often feared but always loved as it had always just rolled off her tongue.

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