The Assassins: A New Beginning ~book 1~

When a young boy named Andrew (Andy) takes a cursed crystal, he finds himself in grave danger. He doesn't realize that he was chosen for something that could change his life. But a threat returned from being unseen for 15 years, and now it knows Andrew is chosen for something with even greater power than itself.


1. Prologue

     The boy ran as fast as he could. The creature was gaining on him. He was growing tired. His heart was beating fast with fear. The creature was running faster and faster.

     It sprang forward and caught the boy by the arm with its claws. It tossed him into the ground and pushed his chest against a large rock. He groaned in pain. It raised its paw and was about to strike when all of a sudden, a man in a white cloak shot an arrow through the creature's chest. Then the creature fell on its side. Dead. 

    The man in the white cloak nodded once at the boy and left silently. The boy was amazed at what had just happened. The man had saved his life. As he got up from the ground he stared down at the dead creature. He saw the terrifying features.

    It was a Northern Werewolf. A Werewolf killed with one shot... hmm, impressive. The boy thought. He saw the arrow that dug into the fur and skin. He realized that the arrow had a tree and sun crest on the end.

   He knew what that symbol meant. He's an Assassin. He thought. Then he took the arrow with him and ran and into his village. He went into a small cabin.

   "Andy! get in here! you're late for dinner!" called the boy's father. His father and mother and two older brothers were sitting down at a table. Andy took off his muddy boots at the door and went to the table. He sat in his chair.

    "You won't believe what i saw in the outside the village. It was a Werewolf! And a Assassin killed it." Andy said. "A Werewolf? Are you crazy? No Werewolf comes into our village! Or outside of it anyway." one of Andy's brothers said. "Oh, be quiet, Jackson! I have proof!" Andy said and pulled out an arrow and pulled up his ripped sleeve. There was the scratch that the Werewolf gave him. "He's telling the truth, Jackson!" said the father.          

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