Stone Heart

Aaron is separated from his friend and kingdom. He must fight to get to his home! But when a terrible truth has been spoken, his whole life could be in danger. Darkness will rise. He Must face his fears!


2. Fields of Grey

       As the days went by, Aaron and Dragonic traveled on horseback. Aaron was given barely any food and water on the way to wherever Dragonic was taking him. Aaron drifted asleep on Dragonic's horse. Thoughts formed in his head. The thoughts turned to pictures.

       I am your servant. I am the stone. I am the stone.

      His thoughts turned into a chant. Then the pictures became more clear. He saw himself in a strange room. He saw a statue of a Dragon. He saw a dark creature sitting by a king. But it wasn't his father (the King of Keystone Castle) and these pictures got weirder and weirder.

      Everything was dark and evil. And he himself was wearing dark armor. His own eyes weren't blue anymore, he had eyes that were silver. But then there was a tap on his shoulder. He awoke from his weird dream and saw that he was on the ground. 

     He must have fallen off when he slept. "Hey, you scared me. I need you alive." Dragonic said. "But i thought you said earlier, that if i didn't come with you, i would die a painful death." Aaron said with a smirk.

     "Yeah, well, that was just a threat. So, yep. So listen to everything i tell you to do or else!" Dragonic shouted. "Or else what? yeah, yeah, I heard that one plenty of times." Aaron said and hid a smile. "Ugh, never mind. Come on. We have to move on." Dragonic said.

     He was very annoyed and so he took a deep breath and pointed towards the horse. Aaron got back on. "So where is this place anyway?" Aaron said. "Beyond the Rocks of Change. Now, be very quiet. Don't even scream. There's a curse in this land of grey," Dragonic said.

      "The Rocks of — whatever you said — are cursed too?"Aaron said with a frown. Dragonic paused and said quietly,  "Yes... now please don't make any—" "HELLO!! CURSED ROCKS! HI I'M AARON!" Aaron shouted and fell off the horse. He laughed so hard, he cried. Dragonic slapped a hand to his face. They both saw one of the Rocks of Change fall to pieces. Then it rose up into a creature.

A Death Dragon.    


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