The Piano and the Violin

This is my first "Your Lie In April" story. It's Anime so yeah.... I am still thinking on making it a book series soooo, yep. (worst description i ever made) lol. hope you like it!


1. The Journal

     "Kousei! Kousei Arima! Time to go!" Ryota shouted in Kousei's ears. He sprang out of his bed in shock and annoyance. "Huh? how — how did you get in my house?" Kousei asked.

     "That's not important! You do know what day it is, right?" Ryota asked him with a smirk. Kousei shrugged awkwardly. He was too tired to know what was going on. "KOUSEI! It's Saturday and it's twelve thirty in the afternoon! You and Kaori have a Piano and Violin Concert Contest! You have to go now or you'll be disqualified."

      Kousei ran over to his dresser and got on his best clothes on. Then he ran down the stairs and out the door as fast as he could. Ryota stood puzzled about something. "I didn't even know he'd get out that fast. I seriously don't know why i'm talking to myself..." Ryota said while scratching his head.

     When Ryota started to walk out of Kousei's room, he noticed a small red journal on Kousei's bed. He looked at it for a second. Then a thought came through his head. Open it.... open it now.... "No, I'm not going to open it — maybe just one look." and with that, he sat on the bed and looked through it.

     It read on the first page:



Journal #1 April 1st, 2010


    I've never wanted to tell anyone my thoughts and i've never known what i had until now. I have a curse that i've never wanted. Anytime i play the piano, it's like i'm being hit in the head over and over by a rock. My mother was terrible and evil to me when i took lessons from her. I knew she loved me, but in a way, i thought she hated me.

    Even though she wanted me to be the best pianist in the universe. When she died, I had nothing but the piano. No emotion, nothing. But then, I kept hearing her haunting voice in my head. "You are going to play everything right and you will listen to me, my son." Whenever i've made the wrong note come out, she hit me.

    I knew i couldn't play the piano any longer. But her voice kept making me stick to it. A lot of times, I couldn't see bright colors when i played. All i saw was the Black and White keys. I couldn't hear my own music.

    I couldn't play my music the way it used to be. Soft,  silent, quick, and with feeling. But then everything changed. It was getting worse. I couldn't stop playing.

    At that moment, I knew i had a curse, a curse that would never go away. But then I have the best friends in the whole world. Their names are: Ryota, Tsubaki, and Kaori. Ryota is the best soccer player i've ever known and he is funny as heck, although i feel stupid for never telling Ryota my secret curse.

    Then there's Tsubaki. She is the best baseball player i've ever known. And she is so nice — sort of... and she has a great aim. (And of course the fact that almost every day she hits me with the base-ball) But then there's Kaori. She is the most beautiful girl i've ever seen.

    She is the best Violinist i've ever known. I sorta have a crush on her. But i don't want to make Ryota mad or anything. So i just let him get to her. So, I don't have anyone. Yet. But i'm thinking on maybe getting some sort of "second chance" or something. I don't really know what to do right now. But everyday is a new day so, I don't know what the days will be like. 



     Ryota stared at the page, and smiled but then the smile turned to a frown. He didn't know why Kousei didn't tell him these things about Kousei's mother. Then he realized he had to go to the Concert. He got his jacket on and left. But he forgot to close the Journal book when he left. It lied open on the bed....  




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