The Stone of Peace Book 1: Lightning


1. The Stone

This is my story, it isn't much but... it's about me — and other times, maybe not. My name is Aaron. I live in a small village known as LandorRock Village. It's a very beautiful and caring place, and it's full of nature. There has never been evil here. Until.... one day, It came to us — my family... me... and it... vanished. My father always told me to hide and stay where I was. And whatever happened to our family, I'd stay put. But this was different! I was tired of being the one that wasn't brave. I had to do something! And fast! My family was surrounded by Wraiths of Fire. I thought quickly and I ran to get my Sword that was given to me by a Knight named, Ken, shortly after his death. I did not hesitate. I sprang forward and killed two Wraiths of Fire. The others fled... and got away. My father took the sword from me and threw it aside. "Aaron,"  he said to me breathlessly. "Do you even realize what you've done? You can't do that! They are going to come after us again. You cannot fight them—" But I was too impatient. "They almost killed you all!" I argued. "AARON! Listen to me! You have to leave—" My father's eyes were watering with tears. "Why do i have to leave?" I asked. "Leave... and take this. This will guide you and heal you when you are hurt. do not give this or let anyone see this. Now go." My father said worriedly. My father held up a glowing purple stone and gave it to me. "It's called The Stone of Peace! Take it, make sure it's safe." He said. I nodded and hugged my family, got my sword, put the stone in my bag, and left. I knew I would probably never see my family again after that day. But I followed my father's orders and vanished into the forest.      

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