The Heart of Fire

This is a story about dark and light. Power and Rage. Love and Hate. A journey to last a lifetime. Mesa knew he was special in a way that no one would be able to understand. He was born with Lightning Powers. The end is closer than you think! Mesa will go on a journey that will change his life forever. However, the darkness will rise! Mesa will have to save the world one day...


1. Born Different

    The wind howled against the windows of the hospital. The rain struck the ground as the thunder boomed and the lightning crackled. Hail started raining from the heavens. Dust whirled and spiraled in the wind. As the storm was raging, a baby was born inside the hospital.

   The mother, Katheryn, named the baby Mesa, Mesa was different. He had silver eyes, pale skin, and dark grey hair. Katheryn loved Mesa very much. But the father, Nick, hated Mesa. He knew what his son was. He didn't like Mesa at all. 

   "Honey, you've been standing there for a long time, come over and sit with me. Hold our son." Katheryn said happily. "No thanks. Goodby —" Nick's words were cut off. "Where are you going?" Katheryn asked him. "I said Goodbye!" Nick said angrily. He didn't look back. He just left. Katheryn was heartbroken, she held her son's tiny hand and wept that night.


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