I'm gay and I love you!


1. Group

 My mum shouts at me from downstairs waking me up. 

 "Ellie, get up you're going to be late for group!" I get up and start getting ready.

"Okay mum. But I told you to call me Ash!" I quickly bind my chest and but a sports bra on to be on the safe side. I throw a sweatshirt on and black jeans. I quickly fix my hair to cover my right eye. I put my bracelets and converse on. I rush downstairs and grab my messenger bag. I quickly get into the car as my mum speeches to me.

"Ellie you know why I'm not gonna call you Ash. It's a masculine name. Never, so drop it. And stop wearing those clothes." I don't dare to speech. She pulls out of the driveway. As we show up to the church for group I quickly grab my stuff. I look at the time and see im a little late. Mission complete.

 I get out of the car and look threw the window. My mum looks over.

"Bye Ellie, remember you're walking home today." I sigh.

"Okay but stop calling me Ellie!" She dashes out to work. Great already a bad morning. I walk in and straight to the classroom we use for group. I open the doors and everybody looks over at me. The teacher speeches.

"Oh, Ellie you're late, again," everyone starts laughing. "Hush. Anyways there's a new person here his name is Jake. So we gave him your chair." I look over at Jake and I can feel my face burn with redness. Dang he's hot.

I sigh. "Mrs. Allie, that's alright but," I look straight at her," I believe I told you to call me Ash. Or even Ashton. You know that I am a boy!" Everybody looks stunned and starts laughing. A girl named Abigail who is considered very popular at my school begans to speech.

 "You guys stop laughing. She'll never understand that she really is a girl." Everyone starts laughing again. I can feel anger rise. I quickly run out of the room. I hear someone call my name and tell me to stop. I don't listen and I keep running...


I hope you all liked this chapter. Check out some of my other stories and what not. Have a good day/night.


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