My thinking dairy

just some of my thoughts. my mom told me it would help me if i wrote down what i was thinking and this seems like a good idea. you can look at it if you want but i don't it would be very interesting.


1. March 31, 2016 3:35pm

sometimes i think back to those days when the sun is beating down on my face and i'm just enjoying the peace and the scenery i love those memories.

Does a certain smell ever lead you to those memories? they do for me i wish i could keep the smell forever so i can remember the memory more often. but you can't remember everything can you.

they say you can't remember whatever happened to you before you were four and if you do it wasn't real, but is that true. sometimes i wonder what it would be like to remember what happened to me when i was four. i'd probably remember those times that my mother held me close to her and said she loved me with all her heart and also what her face looked like when she first held me. I wonder how i acted towards things and her reaction toward the things i did. don't you ever wonder this sometimes?

It's crazy how much i think about some of these things is it weird i wonder. 

These kind of thoughts that run through my mind every day distract me from my everyday things but i like thinking these thoughts because its interesting to me of the kinds of things i can think about. I wonder if anyone else is the same? i guess i'll never know.


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