A simple love

A want that grows so strong into a need.


1. One and only.

I don’t know if it was the way he blew the smoke from his soft pink lips, or if it was the worn out leather jacket, and the t-shirt that had just a few holes in the right places that made me want him so badly.


      He had such a perfect light around him, He always had someone wanting him.

His crooked smile and attitude was so addicting, you just always wanted to come back for more.

He would give out just enough of it, to make everyone want it.

He was so reckless and careless, but was good at what he did. Maybe his dark curly hair and deep brown eyes had something to do with it as well.


       All I know is he had something so great, and I wanted it all to myself.

I must have had something just as great because for as bad as i wanted him, he wanted me too.

This wasn't some high school crush, this was more. He had so many unspoken stories. I could see them all through his eyes. They did not sparkle, they didn't shine when the sun hit them just right, they were gloomy, and sad.   


I was on a mission to make him mine, part of it may have been because i wanted to prove myself. For what reason I couldn't tell you. It was a johnny and june type of thing, in my eyes i saw a forever kind of thing with him. He was disrespectful to all the right people. He could make me laugh with the simplest of words.


With as many people that liked him, he had those of envy. He called them followers, because if they weren't walking beside him, they were following behind. I could never bring him home to mom, but I wanted to be the one who he brought home. He went by the name “D” , I finally got him. When i started to get to know him more and more, I learned to love everything about him,
I learned to love him.

  As our future grows i hope we grow together.

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