The Doctor's companion

An ordinary girl who is having a bad day sees a blue box, after that her day keeps on getting worse...


1. The very bad day.

   Urrgh! it's 8:35 and I am late for work again! My electricity has ran out, so, I can't even do my hair properly. Great! Now I can't find my brush or my belt... This day  cannot possibly get any worse.

   Scratch that. I've lost my damn phone! 

  Okay. It's getting better. I have found my phone, along with my belt and I am out the door. Now I just need to start the car, great out of patrol. What the hell is that noise? That weezing and groaning. Crap my check engine light is on. Looks like I'm walking. 

  Well, guess what? I finally got to work. And I got fired. My boss called me into his office and told me I have been late too many times and he has to let me go . What the f*** does that mean?! You know what his friggin neice is never on time and never has been and yet she hasn't been fired. She never will be. 

  I'm on my way home now. The job search starts tomorrow, but, for now, I have to go to the shop and stock up I ain't gonna have money or good food for a long time. 

  I'm back from the shops and  I got nothing. My bloomin' ex has cancelled our credit cards, so I have nothing.

  I just checked my post and one of the letters said I am being evicted. .Looks like I'm moving back in with my mother.

  I just finished packing and I called my mum and she was quite nice about it . Well, I need to go on a walk to clear my head.

​  Ahhhhhhh! There are these metal men stomping through the street  taking adults and shooting kids! I am a good 10 minutes away from my mothers. Oh good. There is a little blue police box . Its unlocked. Im going in. Oh. My. God. Its bigger on the inside. That's not possible . I gasp. Someone's coming. I'd better hide...

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