New life or is it

Taylor is a new student at pasco middle school she knows no one and no one knows her past. There will be pain and joy as you go through her life journey it is a tragedy what she has been through but


1. school of worries

I awoke to the sound of my dad swerving from lane to lane. We were heading to dade city it was supposed to be a quiet city but yet also a bad city I didn't know were we were at first untill I saw the sign that said , WELLCOME TO DADE CITY, Big letters there huh!!!..... After a few more hours we arrive at our new house it was raining hard and the thunder and lighting were horrible it was a gloomy day leaving my old home and school behind but I had to no one treat me the same as befor it happend now that everyone knows me and my parents had to leave fast we don't have any furniture only our little suitcases. Witch don't hold much I brought a couple of clothes my teddy bear my blanket and pillow and my prized position my locket it has my best friend in it well used to be best friend once she heard what I did she took her locket and threw it on the ground and crushed it to Little pieces I have never tooken my locket off tho it's the only thing I have to remind me of my past. We had a small house two bathrooms but one did not work it had a living room a kitchen and three bedrooms that were small I picked the one farthest from everyone an farthest from the front door if the cops found us I could have a chance of escaping maybe? Hopefully!? My mom made a pallet with some sheets we brought and tucked me in she told me it was gonna be alright and school started tommorow. Will I be ok I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep......

The next morning I wore the same clothes as befor my mom had found a bookbag that I used in kinder garden and my lunch box so that's what I used. The school was big and had so many students!!! As the day went by I grew scarred I saw an officer watching me through out the day and I kept thinking he's gonna get me I'm going to prison or worse I'm going to go to my death!!!! It wasn't a great day for me people held doors for me but just out of kindness or is it are they tricking me to lower my guard down so they can strike at any moment or is it sincere? I don't know I hope tommorow will be better though!?

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