Spoken Word Poetry

A collection of spoken word pieces.


1. // School Days

My grandfather does a lot of writing about youth work and he very kindly asked me if I wanted this published in an online magazine thingy. [I think it was edited a bit before it was published, but I can only find the original] I didn't really think anything of it but I've been trying out spoken word again and I thought I'd post it. Please tell me what you think? I'm a total amateur when it comes to spoken word poetry, but I love watching it on YouTube and stuff so I thought I'd give it a try:

Those childhood days, with no school, just play, no rules or regulations. Something we all seem to miss, when we end up like this, in the never-ending stream of tests, sums, and vocabulary lists. We gaze down at each new task with a feeling of dread as we cram into our head everything the teacher’s said. We daydream of being eighteen with no routine that seems increasingly obscene. No early rises filled with half-broken disguises hiding tired eyes, it’s no surprise, when we spend hours at school but it means nothing at all when we sit in a hall filling in a test paper. It’s drilled into our minds that the progression of mankind depends on our qualifications, it’s an expectation that comes with every equation, every essay and translation. And I’m not saying that these five years at school are not helping to improve my knowledge, or send me off to college when the whole cycle will repeat. I’m just saying that when we spend hours revising facts and figures with such vigour hoping to trigger the results we need, when in fact some of our generation’s greatest minds dropped out of school, broke the rules to follow their own, and now they’re well known for something entirely different. Not for the GCSEs they achieved or whether or not they would succeed or the grades on their report cards. Great people are known for being able to inspire, to work hard and dream big, to reward and to forgive; it doesn’t matter if they don’t know the value of x or if they got an A on their school project. 


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