Adopted by 1d

Hi I'm Lilly I live in an orphanage until the unexpected happens I get adopted by my favorite boy band one direction.will i find true love? Will I like living with my new family? Will there be tragic things happening? Will someone leave? Well you'll have to

Go ahead and find out.

****************************************************im bad at these!! This is my first book so sorry if it's bad!;( follow my twitter @ilovelouis1222
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Love ya all mwaaaaaaaaa! ����������❤️


2. my new family

I woke up and got my stuff packed and I went and said goodbye to everyone I really will miss them. I went to the waiting room and sat patiently then miss Candice came out and said are you ready to go Lilly.i guess I am,I said and then Louis Tomlinson came through the door and said hello love how are you I'm your new dad wow your so pretty.i cannot believe that my dad is famous and my favorite celebrity on earth!!!!i love you I'm your biggest fan I siad while squeezing him to death!!i know Hun that's a reason why we adopted you also your smart kind funny and just amazayn.the boys can't wait to meet you they've been dying to see you all day!!!!oh and here you go love. Louis hands me an I phone 6 I stare at it like its a unicorn or something that does not exist. I can't thank you enough I say to him no need I'm your guardian it's my job to take care of you and I let's go home!!!***Skip drive home*** aha were here the boys should be inside waiting for your arrival Louis says we walk into this huge house by a buetiful beach when were inside I smell a lot of colone but it doesn't bug me. On the couch are 4 boys and I know all there names by heart!!! This is Lilly boys Lilly this is the boys I'm sure you know there names says Louis yes I do i say sarcastically hello love call me uncle Harry says the chocolate curled one! Hello sweet cheeks!!do you cook?says Niall,hey says Zayn texting on his phone and then Liam yells from the kitchen nice to meet you love!!!!:) thank you for adopting me you don't how much it means to me that someone cares about me and loves me!!;( I start to cry Harry gets up and hugs me and says no problem we love you and will take care of you until we die!!!! Now go get your stuff unpacked lil girlie says Liam makeibg pizza, I go to my new room there's a balconi over looking the beach and is Fablouis.i get my stuff organized and take a shower I get my pjs on and go down stairs.louis says we're watching a movie love! ITS TOY STORY!!!! Says Liam excitedly.we all sit down and curl up and eventually I fall asleep on nail's lap.

Hope ya liked it I think it was awsome but idk what do ya think??!:) writing next chap now almost done Leave comments please and I have facebook page called we are direction era my admin name is -louistomlinson122 It has the fault in our stars cloud on it but says we are direction era instead okay? Okay. Love you all mwaaaaa💛💙💜💚❤️

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