luna lovegood a love story

The goblet if fire from luna's pov.


1. nargles infesting the tents

We are at the quidditch and it's a disaster there are nargles infesting everyoned tents. We are trying to get rid of them but people kepp on pushing us away. Oh there's harry potter i'm not going to talk to him, he already has friends also he doesn't know I exist which I admit I am upset about as I have a little crush on him its nothing huge I only have a shrine in my bedroom and I watch him every day but its no big deal. Oops I lost daddy I must have been daydreaming I expect that nargles are involved. 

 I'm running now as there are little black clouds trying to murder everyone ah they're death eaters. I must go now as me and daddy are going to go on an expedition to fined crumple-horbed snorkbacks if we find one I will give it to harry potter and he might give me one of his shoes.

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