Two girls find themselves in a very strange world...


1. Gail and Leila

Leila Grenville and Gail McCune were two girls who were perfectly normal. Leila was very pretty, with curly dark hair and a deep brown eyes, and Gail had porcelain skin and long auburn hair, which she prized. They met when they bumped into each other in their school's library, as they both adored books. They immediately became best friends, and did everything together. Every Friday night, they went to one of their houses to have a sleepover. It was during one of these sleepovers, this time at Gail's house, that they grew to talking about a land filled with sweets, and they loved that idea as much as they loved books!

"Imagine if there was a island where everything was made out of sweets," said Gail dreamily, as they snuggled into the duvets.

"Yes, that would be cool. Pass the popcorn." answered Leila.

"But, seriously! Leila, wouldn't that be epic?" Gail persisted, throwing the bag of popcorn over, "You'd be able to eat ANYTHING!"

"Mmmm. Like in that Katy Perry music video," munched Leila, still eating popcorn.

"Oh, I give up!" Gail declared dramatically, turning over with her back to Leila.

"What? Don't be cross with me! Gail?" Leila said, sitting up to look over at her friend, "Gail?"

With a loud shriek, Gail leaped up and threw her pillow at Leila with deadly accuracy, then fell down on her bed and plunged her face into her blanket, her body shaking hard. Leila crawled over the mangled covers and crushed pillows to reach her friend.  Gail emerged, her whole being racked with laughter. 

"You-you-you FELL for it! You really thought I was cross with you!"

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