Unnatural Causes - Thoughts of a Dead Mother

This is a monologue I have to write for Drama homework to include in a play. Basically, the plot is that the woman has died because her brother tried to poison her best friend, who was going to be left the grand house in the will because she would be looking after the woman's daughter. In short, the poison gets the wrong woman. This is what the dead lady has to say about it all (whilst trying not to reveal too much because it needs to be able to fit into any point in the play, and they know she dies from the start but not how).


1. Mother

Things can change so quickly.

A year ago, my daughter had two parents, and we were happy... or at least I believed we were. I think if my husband hadn't gone, none of this would have happened. That was what made me realise that no one is ever exactly as they seem, and endings aren't always predictable. To be honest, his suicide made me unable to trust my own judgement, and that was a very difficult position to be in when I was trying to look after my daughter single-handedly. Well, I wasn't quite doing it on my own; my friend helped me so much. She has always been my rock, and I wish I could have given her more happiness rather than the landslide of hardships I pushed on her - the last being perhaps the worst of all.

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