Poems of a Tired Teenager

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A collection of my poems


1. Actress

The first step onto the stage

    Smile on, costume neat

    Reactions impossible to gauge

    Success is always bittersweet

Reciting another's words

    Role first, truth hides

    Reality there but not quite heard

    By people whose thoughts change like tides

Curtains drawn - she walks away

    Eyes lit, dark gone

    The mask of make-up off for the day

    Though the trial's not yet done

Leaving through the backstage door

   Arms crossed, gaze down

   Still people linger there wanting more

   They gawp and squeal like she's a clown

Finally, she reaches home

   Face red, strength fades

   Collapsing onto the mattress foam

   She dreams of safer escapades

Every day she carries on

   Young look, old mind

   Slowly understanding life's sermon:

   Happiness is hardest to find

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