Scared. Frightened. Trapped.



1. Scared. Frightened. Trapped.

Scared, Frightened, Trapped,

We are like caged animals waiting to get out.

A fiery whirlwind of death, descending upon us,

As though we are its prey,

It's like a cheetah, slowly stalking its prey in the night.

There is no help

Scared, Frightened, Alone,

The fire has spread all around us,

The flickering flames slowly cocooning us into a blanket of fire,

The evil glint in the amber flames,

Mocking and laughing at us

Laughing at us as it slowly sinks into our soft pink skin,

There is no escape.


Scared, Frightened, Devastated,

Smoke cascading through our nostrils,

We are drowning in a sea of endless smoke,

The building is pirouetting around us,

It was like figuring out a way through the endless Labyrinth,

The flames are the Minotaur, and we are its prey,

There is no-one to stop it.


Scared, Frightened, Hopeless,

We are all alone now,

Plumes of black smoke decorating the clear blue sky,

Into a chalk painted apocalypse of destruction.

The ground began to shake and crumble,

We are falling





We are all alone now…

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