Isn't She Lovely - Missing You

Niall, Isabell and their 2 twins are living their life like any other new family would, but what happens when Niall has to go on tour?


1. First Day Of school


      I sat on the couch of our newly built home as Niall was getting the kids out of bed. My mind wondered around. I never thought my life would be this great. It was shocking how much your life could change in a matter of minutes. I sat around waiting for a while so I got up and put the kids clothes in a pile ready for them. "Here we are," Niall said as he walked with the kids to the living room. "Great. Let's get you two ready for your first day of kindergarden," I smiled. I looked down to Charlotte and Sam and their gleeming smiles always put a smile on my face. They were always so happy. You know what make me laugh though, whenever Niall puts on a One Direction song, Charlotte is always the first to learn the lyrics and dance like crazy to it. It was adorable. Also, when Niall gets out his guitar, out comes Sam's little play guitar and he joins in with his Dad. I love my family more than anything. "Come on," I smiled while holding Charlottes clothes ready to put them on. Niall was getting Sam ready beside me. "Come on Charlotte," I repeated. She was standing at the stereo player. "Music," she squeeled. I walked up to her and she started to jump for joy as I turned on One Direction. "DADDY DADDY DADDY," she laughed and jumped like crazy. "Come on now Charlotte, you don't want to miss your first day of kindergarden," I pleaded for her to listen to me and do what I say. I didn't like to shout at them, or tell them off. They were only younge after all, they still had a lot to learn yet. She ran over to me and started to sing while I was dressing her. "That's you Daddy," Sam smiled as Niall was sorting the collar on his baby blue blouse. "It is," Niall agreed. I finished getting Charlotte ready and I went to go pack them some snacks in their bags. I grabbed their bags and my car keys and when to leave. "Come on kids," I shouted from the front door. The twins came running in and twirling around. They both looked so cute. Charlotte with her hair in two piggie tails and a dress that puffed out and Sam with his smart clothes and his hair exactly the same was as his Daddy. Niall and Sam looked axactly the same except Sam was younger obviously. Niall said that Charlotte and I looked exactly alike too. Niall came walking into the hallways and grabbed his jumper from the side table. "Oh, that reminded me. Kids you need your jackets, they are in the lounge. Run and get them please," my hands were full so I couldn't and I didn't want to make Niall go back again. I opened the door to walk out and the twins came speeding past me and got out the door before me. Gosh those little monkeys were fast on their feet. I couldn't wait to get them to kindergarden because they would meet other children their ages and Niall and I would get some time alone. We got into the car and drove off to their new school. "You both excited?" Niall asked. He had an excited look on his own face, let alone the kids. I think I did too actually. Niall and I were both excited to see the twins going to their first day of school. We got to the school and I parked my car in a free spot. We walked up to the classroom and knocked on the entre door. I younge blonde woman opened the door and said, "Hello! Welcome to our class. This must me Charlotte and Sam. Nice to meet you both." We introduced ourselves and shook hands. Her name was Sandy. As they went to walk into the class, "Wait," I spoke before the kids left inside, "I need a picture." I pulled out my phone and took a picture of the twins standing with the teacher. "Great. Thank you. see you later kids," I quickly kissed them and so did Niall then they dissapeared round a corner inside. We walked back to the car and drove back home. "Some alone time at last," Niall joked coming close to me as I sat on the coach. "What are you on about? We get time alone in bed at night," I was teasing him. Ever since the twins came we have hardly done anything and we are always scared that one of the kids might walk in on us. "You know what I meen baby," he smirked. I deffently did know what he meant and I was all up for it, but teasing him was fun. "What are you supposing we do?" I was trying to act like I didn't know, but I failed at acting so badly. His crystal blue eyes turned darker, "I know you just want to tease me. You know damb well what I'm on about." A huge smirk grew on my face. He stepped closer to me closing the gap and our noses were touching. "You know I want you," he whispered. I leant in and kissed him. He smiled as we kissed. My hands moved and grasped round his neck and he held my waist. "Maybe we should move this to the bedroom," he smiled and I saw the want in his eyes. He picked me up bridal style and carried me up the stairs. He placed me on the bed and led down next to me. I moved in and continued to kiss him. He pulled off my top and after we removed everything, we ended up naked on the bed. With that, we had some fun, but I'm not going to give you the detail. After "our fun" we fell asleep together. I woke up and looked at the clock. 11:30pm SHIT! We need to pick the kids up at lunchtime. "NIALL!" I pushed him to wake him up, "We need to pick up the kids." He heard what I said and quickly got up to get dressed. When we got changed and quickly sorted our hair out, we went to the car and drove away to pick the kids up.



      When we got to the kids school we went to their classroom to pick them up. As we came to their classroom door we stopped to wait for them to come out. "Aww, look at them," Isabells face lit up with happiness. I looked at where her beautiful eyes were leading and I saw. In the classroom Sam and Charlotte were singing infront of the class. What made it even more special was that it was my song they were singing. "That's amazingly cute," a smile grew on my face. I put my arm around Isabells waist and she leant her head on my shoulder. When they finished they sat back at their desk and every little child was clapping. "That was great. Now, let's go wait for our parents," Sandy smiled and led the class out. "Mummy, Daddy," Sam smiled and ran up to us. "Hello," Charlotte ran behind. They both gave us big hugs and kisses. "Did you have fun?" I asked them both. Nods were all they showed to gave me an answer. "We saw you little show just then. It was amazing!" Isabell smiled giving them both another hug. "Let's get home shall we," I said. While we were in the car Charlotte said, "Daddy, I want to be a singer like you when I grow up." She really wanted to be like me. That was so amazing. I know she's younge and she might change her mind, but if I get her to love music, she might gain a true passion in it and she actually might take singing up as a career. That would give me as the father and Isabell as he mother the best feeling in the whole world. I wonder what they are both actually going to do when they are older though. I coudln't believe I was thinking about that now. They still have years and years to think about that.

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