Hit The Road Jack! (or Erik) - Part 3

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Hit The Road Jack! (or Erik) - Part 3

Hit The Road Jack! (Or Erik)- Part III

"The only thing that matches the strength of their bond is the strength of their belief in separate ideals. And ultimately, one of them pays the price. Both emotionally and physically." — James McAvoy (young Charles Xavier in the movies)


This is the last blog in what has become a trilogy to accompany the Toxic Love Competition and keep you entertained (or inspired) along the way. We will be exploring the comic book and movie relationship between Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr.

Now, in no comic issue have there been explicit statements as to the status of their relationship being more than friends, enemies, friends again, enemies again. But there have been hints at that ‘something more’. However, as characters, they haven’t been the best role models out there, and when you add to that X-Men writers’ famous modus operandi what’s a timeline?” then you get various facets of these two iconic characters. And they usually aren’t nice.

If you go and peek into the X-Men fandom (like in any other fandom) you’ll find that there are people who like them, and people who don’t. As far as I’m aware, it is partly because Cherik as a ship is everywhere and partly because they refer back to the comics.

The reason why I chose that title for this blog, in case it is not clear, is because it reflects their relationship. If they don’t ‘break up’ at the end of an issue or arc because they disagree with each other on the fate of mutantkind, then one of them dies (and it usually happens in the arms of the other). So tell me, how can one be so blind as to not see that despite their differences in opinion (or in spite of) deep down their relationship is built on love? And you don’t even need to be a shipper or like this ship, or even consider love from a sexual perspective. You simply need to look at the evidence strewn around the comic issues across the decades to realize that there is love between the two.

If it’s eros (sexual passion), philia (deep friendship), pragma (longstanding love) or a mix between the three, that’s for each one of us to decide.

And then they decided to turn X-Men into a movie. Then a second one. A third - and so on. And now the last in this franchise will (probably) debut on the big screens sometime this year.

Every movie so far involved pain, suffering, the X Mansion continuously being blown to bits, man pain, but there’s only one movie that the fandom accepts as being the least badly written one: X-Men: First Class (2011). It’s the only one where we actually see Erik and Charles working together, at least for half of the movie, until their opposing ideals clash, resulting in what the fandom dubbed as: the Beach Divorce.

It sounds funny for someone who hasn’t seen the movie. It’s still painful for Cherik fans and will probably continue to be so.

Your story probably deals with a lot of pain, considering that it is a toxic relationship, and it probably contains some form of manipulation. But do your characters have ideals? Life philosophy? Something that drives them to do what they do?

What makes Cherik so appealing (to me, at least) is how passionate both of them are about what they believe in. How Charles still believes that mutants and humans can co-exist and how Erik believes that only if the mutants (the homo superior as coined by Charles in his essay) reign supreme will there be peace for them. Charles still thinks that there is good in humans; Erik sees them as evil and inferior to mutants.

So what drives your main characters?

Don't forget about our Toxic Love Writing Competition as there's still plenty of time to get involved.

May the muse be with you!


Thank you to DeeundDrang for writing this blog post

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