Private Messaging on Movellas

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Private Messaging on Movellas

Private Messaging is Here!

You've requested it, you've waited patiently, now the new functionality has arrived on Movellas



It was at least three years ago that the discussion began - Movellas, in all its glory and splendor, was still missing the functionality that would allow movellians to privately message each other. We had messaging of course, but this was (and remains) public and able to be viewed from everyone's profile page under the "Activity" tab.


It has taken time, effort, and a whole lot of development work - but it's finally here! You all now have the ability to privately message each other through Movellas, much like you how you do on Facebook and many other platforms. If you look under the dropdown menu on the top right of your Movellas page, you may notice the "Inbox" option with a grey icon just to the right of it that indicates how many new messages you have.


To privately message someone, all you have to do is go to their profile page and click the "Send Message" icon, then write your message to them. The person you message will, in turn, be notified to accept the message you've sent them and once they do the two of you can begin messaging each other privately. All of your messages can be found on your personal "Inbox" page.


​The new functionality went live yesterday and while we were waiting for some of our super users to notice, we do want to formally make the announcement today because it's going to make Movellas an even better place to read & write, messaging included! As it often happens, this new functionality may come with some kinks we'll need to work out, so if you experience errors or problems with the new messaging, let your CM know (email is best: and we'll be sure to address any issues that may arise in the use of the new functionality.


It may have taken a while for this to come to fruition, but improvements and changes to messaging are only just beginning and we're working on allowing messages to be deleted (for some inbox cleanup) and adding more messaging options to the menu. For now, we hope you enjoy and we're looking forward to hearing what you all think as we move forward into an exciting new year of possibilities on Movellas :)  

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